Rouses - Valid from 03/08 until 03/15/2023

seafood boils and fish fry boiled seafood we build our own boiling rooms right in our stores! we use rouses exclusive seasoning mix for true local flavor lent save $200 = seafood spectacular = rouses head-on boiled louisiana shrimp & kat nick & katie ruffino's crab stuffed mushrooms tomer california roll spicy salmon roll = our spicy salmon roll is made with salmon and cucumber with spicy sauce satisfaction guarantee perete to san seafood boil save $100 rouses seafood boil $6.⁹⁹ rouses salt original swamp bucket rouses markets brat save 30 guarantee shares iodized salt $4.⁹9 limited time only! perfect for lunch seafood twice baked potato rainbow wrap swamd every tuesday save $100 wild-caught local gulf wahoo loin deli fresh grab-n-go seafood single count seafood serving tray zatarain's fish fry made fresh in our sushi department zatarains fresh cooked seafood every save $200 save $100 arimi shrimp crab bo zatarain's crab boil seafood boils & fish fry save 50 zatarains inderfel fish-fri crunchy shrimp tempura roll zatarains limited time only! auring shrin crab bol local crab meat crawfish riley or shrimp creole pasta 6oz rouses cayenne pepper $3.⁹9 boiling bag $7⁹9 tomer guarantee catisfaction statisfac tomer sa guarantee ⓡ pepper $14.⁹⁹ boiling bag save $200 family size seafood platter bayou rouses dipping sauce $6⁹.⁹ ⓡ bayou tabasco hot sauce tabasco lapeyreaux's crawfish hand cleaner $7⁹9 skawyer official supermarket feels like home of the new orleans saints