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Western Beef - The history

Western Beef supermarket chain was founded more than thirty years ago, and it serves the New York, New Jersey and Florida environs. During the period of establishment, it has acquired the slogan of “knowing the neighborhood.” Knowing its neighborhood is not just a matter of words but actions. The retail store strives to identify and meet the needs of the communities served. That implies that each of Western Beef stores is tailored in such a way that premium quality products are offered at affordable prices to meet the specific needs of customers.

One of the critical aspects that Western Beef prides itself on is forming a positive rapport with its customers in addition to the positive relationship with neighborhood bakers, fruit markets, delis, and butchers. All the specialized services and a broad range of groceries, frozen and dairy foods are all found in the stores. Although Western Beef has all the major brands of products, a notable feature is each of the stores is customized in such a way that it fits into the culture of the community served. Both national and international product brands are found in the Western Beef supermarkets. The company headquarters is in New York where it operates its independent grocery, produces and meat warehouses.

Western Beef supermarkets are the first choice for many people since they can quickly get both private and national label brands. Additionally, the fact that the company operates its warehouse independently allows it to purchase truckloads directly from farmers and manufacturers. That, in turn, cuts out the need for intermediaries, a saving means that translates to low product prices. Generally, the needs of customers are honestly met.