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Harmons - The history

It was formed by George Reese (Jake) Harmon and Rene, his wife back in 1932. It was first called “ The Market Spot .“ Although they started out as a small scale grocery shop only selling vegetables and fruits, their commitment to providing the very best products saw them expand and start selling other grocery materials.

In 1942, George and Rene were forced to open a café after their small store was hit by a car. In 1942, Green Store was formed which eventually became the first Harmons Market. Although, the first Harmon Market was burned down in 1971. They eventually rebuild it in the same location and it was the first Harmon Supermarket.

The company continued to grow and by 1976, they were two Harmon Supermarket. In 1978, the supermarket had opened 8 other stores. To date, they are 18 different stores in different parts of the country. There are plans to open the 19th store later this year.