Key Food - Valid from 05/10 until 05/16/2024

breakfast → confetti crawberry or pop-tarts bites or strawberry blast bites or nutri-grain bars for with club card café pilon coffee fruity or cocoa pebbles or honey bunches of oats post cereal bites nutri pilon café bustelo espresso cafe ground coffee bustelo grocery in water or oil genova tuna classic sweet & thick texas bold & spicy or kansas city sweet & smoky heinz bbq sauce assorted hellmann's drizzle sauce original or white kraft heinz original garlic not cheese plant based cheese mac & cheese olive oil essential everyday no-stick cooking spray realemon lemon juice olive ol realemon vlasic pickles vlasic ovals chock full o'nuts instant coffee in soybean oil brunswick sardines with club card sardines stubb's bar-b-q sauce mcilhenny tabasco habanero hot sauce for stubbs velveeta shells & cheese or kraft deluxe mac & cheese original or cinnamon quaker life cereal life assorted chock full o'nuts single serve coffee gock fullnuts in water or in oil bumble bee solid white albacore tuna bumble beea albacore fat free vegetarian b&m baked beans b&m original mcllhenny tabasco sauce original chi-chi's thick & chunky salsa crisco pure corn oil italian style colonna bread crumbs cisco colonna bread crumbs nissin cup noodles soup with club card assorted wesson cooking oil carolina basmati rice chir wesson carolina chicken or shrimp maruchan instant lunch rasma thick & rough oatmeal or silver palate grain berry cereal original roast grain berry maxwell house decaf coffee maxwell house in water bumble bee albacore tuna bumblebee albacore rock 'n' rolls or 17.6 oz bag white or 21 whole grains dave's killer bread hamburger buns crystal hot sauce tomato puree or sclafani crushed tomatoes with club card sclafan ushed tomato botticelli olive oil carolina jasmine rice cinnamon carolina jasmine essential everyday apple sauce assorted parmalat milk milk parmalat café de olla nescafé instant coffee nescafe chopped or minced bumble bee snow's clams minced clams nature's own life keto burger buns hoisin or plum kikkoman sauce keto hoisin sauce botticelli pasta sauce botticell filippo berio extra virgin olive oil berio carolina jasmine rice carolina jiffy corn muffin mix specialty spring savings natural gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water for gerolstem plus deposit where applicable california olive ranch extra virgin olive oil white or multigrain schär gluten free bread mac's chicharrones pork skins barbo international specials vima foods frozen hash browns vima goya jasmine rice gova jamaican choice coconut water with pepper goya adobo seasoning gova adobo assorted kind granola clusters kind assorted skinny pop popcorn with club card skinny long grain rico rice rico with club card con culantro y achiote goya sazón sazón gova white or tri-color riceselect quinoa assorted terra chips terra whole wheat bauducco toast toast goya red kidney or roman goya dry beans gova leyloie jiffy jiffy jiffy assorted simple mills cookies cassian ch sara sweet & sour dai day duck sauce assorted diana snacks duc sauce goya dry black beans gova golden blossom pure honey sara lee butter bread in water goldc sarafee bumble bee chicken breast bumble be artisan style everything hamburger buns hot dog or hamburger nature's own perfectly crafted buns citrus or lime kikkoman ponzu sauce assorted crafted ponzi luigi vitelli whole wheat organic pasta filippo berio pure olive oil tabouleh or 品 dude dil near east rice pilaf joy waffle cones biscoff cookies waffle assorted arnold country bread arno white assorted nature's own perfectly crafted bread crafted hot dog or hamburger hawaiian hamburger wonder buns wonder regular or new england style hot dog or hamburger ball park buns ronzoni egg noodles smarte elbows or thin spaghetti ronzoni gluten free pasta ronzoni gluten free robust or smooth pompeian extra virgin olive oil long grain wild rice or red pepper & basil or robcat rosemary & olive oil quinoa or basil & herb or garlic & olive oil near east pearled couscous jumbo or color cups or joy sugar cones biscoff bragg nutritional yeast seasoning granulated garlic or badia ground black pepper goya gandules con coco goya gandules vente cop coco sugar assorted bonne maman preserves bragg organic there apple cider vinegar tajín lime seasoning la morena chipotle peppers low sodium or regular goya green pigeon peas with club card gova pove