Key Food - Valid from 05/10 until 05/16/2024

dairy salted or unsalted hotel bar butter hotel bar hotel bar chunks or cracker cuts cabot cheese with club card sweet & creamy silk almondmilk creamer assorted silk creamer newman's own lemonade reduced fat pesto sauce buitoni filled pasta frozen original garlic bread or furlani texas toast furlani for furlani texas toast sausage & three cheese or meat lover's egg bites or jimmy deang bikes breakfast bowls black bean enchiladas or amy's entrées getabl assorted good humor ice cream novelties with club card with olive oil spread or with avocado oil or olive oil country crock plant butter country care country chock flint butter assorted polly-o mozzarella string cheese french vanilla so delicious organic coconutmilk creamer polito assorted fruit juice or tropicana lemonade tropicana tropicana assorted colliders or chocolate or s'mores hershey's pudding reeses hershey's or sausage & pepperoni bagel bites pizza snacks gel bits assorted hot pocket sandwiches hotpockets better for you cinnamon brown sugar kashi go protein waffles kango protein waffles assorted wraps or philadelphia cream cheese temptee whipped cream cheese assorted chunk or sliced or shredded tillamook cheese temptee tillamook tillamook regular or fat free farmland half & half original or strawberry florida's natural lemonade ondas katal salted caramel philadelphia cheesecake margherita cheesecake newman's own stone fired crust pizza boca meatless products boca cascadian farm organic fruits bean & cheese or bean & rice amy's amy's gluten free burritos vanilla fudge sundae or caramel chocolate chip jolly llama dairy free & gluten free cones gluten free rice mac & cheese assorted halo top ice cream alo luigi's italian ices no salted added or regular friendship friendship farmer cheese cottage cheese all math $3.99 regular or light friendship sour cream assorted sargento balanced breaks balanced breaks or 2% reduced fat good culture probiotic milk aloevine aloe vera drinks assorted ades or turkey hill iced tea assorted pudding or jell-o gelatin celeste pizza for one jello jello good assorted celeste birds eye plain select spinach dill chicken bites or caulipower chicken tenders caulp new chick four cheese amy's assorted international delight iced coffee delight assorted ore-ida just crack an egg scrambles crack prepriced or regular borden sliced cheese borden assorted dunkin' coffee creamer nellie's free range large eggs scramble dole fruit juice assorted noosa yoghurt farmland real whipped light cream nosa birds eye steamfresh plain vegetables with club card boston market dinners stouffer's large size meals assorted turkey hill simply natural organic pizza ice cream pizza assorted häagen-dazs mini ice cream bars mini health & beauty care & general merchandise energizer batteries energizer select varieties urban meadow foil pans assorted garnier nutrisse hair coloring off! assorted crest toothpaste nutris crest scope secret or old spice deodorant assorted shampoo or garnier conditioner off! or outlast crest mouthwash shea butter or age defying olay or pure sport or swagger old spice body wash durable full steamer foil pan & cocoa butter smoothing or honey treasures repairing shampoo or garnier whole blends conditioner off! bacteria guard deep clean toothbrush sensitive skin after shave gel or sensitive skin gillette foamy shaving cream olay gillette foamy durable full steamer foil pan cover hair spray or garnier mousse off! scope outlast floss picks proshield or proglide or gliste with 2 refill cartridges fusion5 • gillette fusion men's razor swirl or platinum or with 2 refill cartridges deluxe smooth swirl • venus razor assorted non-dairy bars or magnum ice cream bars almond with club card organic cotton tampons or ultra thin pads extra nellies with or without pulp daily sun orange juice assorted simply orange juice dunkin borden grated cheese hotel bar queso de papa cheddar cheese sweet cream or vanilla coffee-mate natural bliss creamers natural bliss pete & gerry's organic large brown eggs for organic drganic assorted tropicana pure premium orange juice strawberry banana kids tubes strawberry banana-strawberry kids 6 pack strawberry banana yo tot 6 pack or assorted yobaby 6 pack stonyfield organic yogurt beer battered onion rings cheddar bacon mashups mccain potatoes with club card mccain assorted café steamers or chicken parmigiana or turkey breast healthy choice classics assorted edy's ice cream with club card assorted magnum mini ice cream bars with club card mini assorted delimex taquitos tropicar baby deline lily's toaster grills toaster grills marie callender's entrées home bake meals assorted assorted talenti gelato layers talenti reese's peanut butter or oreo friendly's ice cream cake popsicle ice pops with club card only in stores where available playtex sport tampons barely scented or tropical batiste dry shampoo baltisk or 5.6 oz pkg cavity protection aquafresh toothpaste assorted edge or skintimate shaving gel liquicaps or playtex sport vicks cold & flu assorted colgate total toothpaste nyquil colgate on banana boat sunscreen always pads or or assorted pearl tampax tampons tamix extra strength or alka-seltzer tablets alka- seltzer cinnamon or mint act anticavity mouthwash original act clear ultramist sport banana boat sunscreen sport