Vallarta - Valid from 05/03 until 05/09/2023

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Catalogue Vallarta from 05/03/2023
supermarkets locally whole seedless watermelon sandía sin semilla entera grown vallarta tortilla chips sold by the pound vallarta let's guerrero corn $7998 fried chicken seasoned to perfection with our exclusive breading electrolit electrolyte drinks selected varieties taco 'bout a fiesta electrolit electrolit meat for tacos price $3.99 each barritas branberg to bimbo sandwich bread white wheat double fiber mantecadas or rebanadas pepsi pepsi pepsi cola manzanita sol mountain dew or fresh white corn elote blanco for al pastor pork or chicken chicken diced or fajitas $2⁹⁹ chicken leg meat bistec de pollo regular fresco natural or marinated sunny celebrate! blanko cacique ranchero queso frescol $249 kern's price $9.49 + cany kern's ki almond breeze diced and marinated fresh beef carne asada taco meat picado de res para tacos large headless white shrimp camaron blanco grande $5⁹⁹ original nectars variety pack qard tacos ranchero queso fresco cacique crema mexicana or ranchero crema con sal cheese $599 trafficanda +or price $8.99 each $299 joseph farms ritz street style kern's $4.⁹9 guria salad tomatoes tomate bola original honey roasted tot ↓ post honey bunches of oats cereal honey roasted or with better oats steel cut bunc almonds price $2.49 each doritos ruffles original $3⁹⁹ lage lbs batad rosch espa fiora bath tissue fiora doritos selected varieties ruffles potato chips nabisco +crv ritz crackers price 53.00 each 8.5-9.oz price $4.49 each le border patie pacifico que modelo especial or heineken more $7.9⁹ modelo boles $25⁹9