Super 1 Foods - Valid from 03/15 until 03/21/2023

deli & bakery low prices fried or roasted chicken drums and thighs brookshire's deli ham selected varieties deli cheeses selected varieties - $8.47 lb gala apples la marca prosecco wine selected varieties mccall's grassfed malign platinum 8.⁹7 green cabbage lamanca lemons ultra grassped irish irish cheddar cheese 6ct selected varieties - 7 oz bud light of cheddan hamle smoked bud light lime or platinum or michelob ultra byov bring your own vase red bell peppers each iced cupcakes beer selected varieties corona or modelo beer franzia wine selected varieties modelo visa brooke deli bag chillable red discover super foods & discount pharmacy pulse pay fresh baked irish soda bread each single layer cakes assorted varieties - each italian cream or carrot each-$10.97 super fresh produce super low prices prices good through march 28th hass avocados each blackberries russet potatoes bod abita corona karbach or "extra shiner beer selected varieties barefoot or woodbridge wine selected varieties karnach love 10bag shiner cock purple haze mmigh noodridge we provide the bunches you provide the vase!