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Sedano's - The history

Sedano's history goes all the way back to 1961. The company was founded by Rene Sedano in Hialeah, Florida, and Hialeah was also the first grocery store location.

Soon after the first successes of the branch, Sedano decided to move back to Cuba and sold Sedano's to Armando Guerra, a Cuban businessman. Guerra kept the company's name and built more supermarkets. After his death in 1979, the company was taken over by Manuel Herran, who by bringing to the company several of his siblings and relatives led to a flourishing growth of the supermarket chain.

Sedano's has also become the biggest affiliate of the Associated Grocers of Florida.

Nowadays the company still operates as a family run business with more than 30 independent stores in both central and southern Florida with Augustin Herran being the CEO & President of Sedano's.