Market Basket - Valid from 09/25 until 10/01/2022

market basket market's kitchen & bakery "more for your dollar" made to order made from hand stretched fresh dough markets cafe market's cafe hot & ready ricotta cannoli save 20¢ hot apple cider smuggler's notch bourbons save 40¢ save $1.00 boston coffee cake 65⁹ breakfast frittata chambord save 50¢ jack daniel's whiskey loaf cakes lemon carrot chocolate with cream cheese 13-16 oz purest of ingredients mini soup bowl great with soup or chowder 41⁹ save 50¢ save 50¢ save 50¢ pumpkin spice...makes autumn so nice pumpkin pie save 50¢ tito's vodka chambord romana sambuca liqueur purest of ingredients romana sameno 24⁹ alexander grappa maple straight bourbon tito's 1.75 ltr maria fant wire works tia maria coffee liqueur local grandten spirits short path local fresh baked throughout the day mb spirits beer wine •liquor beef stuffed cabbage sub of the week •cranberry •whiskey arnyard short path autumn gin 28⁹9⁹ whole roast beef sub wachusett beers half pie save 50¢ •pumpkin blueberry local 15.9⁹ plus deposit canteen vodka sodas all varieties pale ale sierra nevada plus deposit plus deposit save 30¢ 4.⁹9 compare & save italian turkey & cheese roast beef & cheese ham & cheese oktoberfest rolling shrimp with vodka sauce & penne pasta dogfish punkin beer pumpkin bagels grab & go sliced pumpkin bread save 60¢ blend of pumpkin cinnamon & nutmeg plus deposit pumpkin muffins rolling rock plus deposit grab & go parisian bread plus deposit soup & salad makes a perfect game day sandwich chicken noodle soup save 40 new england based santill save 50¢ yuengling night shift oktoberfest life 62⁹ stowe dry ciders coconut custard $7.89 plus local plus hot & ready miller high life compare & save plus deposit purest of ingredients cline 3⁹9 spring & berry swiss argyle purest of ingredients purest of ingredients compare & save 4.⁹% argyle pinot noir 18⁹9⁹9 cline syrah save 50¢ save $1.00 coconut macaroons 399 raeburn wines compare & save •rose chardonnay veom new location! ghost pines wines chateau ste michelle wines •chardonnay save 50¢ inch all varieties 14.⁹⁹ far niente chardonnay save 60¢ gluten frest save 30 liga especial cigar 999 triffinger 51⁹ ruffino wines riserva ducale modus toscana earthquake wines •zinfandel •cabernet sauvignon taittinger brut champagne