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King Kullen - The history

King Kullen was founded by Michael J. Cullen on August 4, 1930. Cullen, who was a former Kroger employee, devised the concept of the so-called modern supermarket. In the beginning, he leased a vacant garage and made it a shop, named "King Kullen".

The store was so successful that the second shop was opened just a few miles away from the first one. During the first two years, there were 8 stores opened.

Now, King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc. operates mostly on Long Island with 32 locations and the headquarter based in Bethpage, New York.

The company still remains owned and operated by the Cullen family.

The Smithsonian Institution recognized it as "America's First Supermarket" because it was the first store that fulfilled 5 criteria defining the modern supermarket: separate departments, self-service, discount pricing, chain marketing and volume dealing.