Harveys Supermarket - Valid from 11/30 until 12/13/2022

harveys supermarket breakfast from the family size honey nut cheerios real honey heart lower cholesterol com select varieties save up to $2 quick oats canape oocu oats fashioned $3.⁹⁹ se grocers quick or old fashioned oats 42 oz save up to $1 eggo thick fluffy blueberry new harveys all prices valid with rewards original caca belgian thick fluffy save up to 91€ se grocers juice blends 59 oz save up to 31€ smithfield links strawberry smithfield patties smithfield frozen sausage links or save up $2.01 grocers $5.⁹8 peach se grocers yogurt cup 6 oz save up to 14¢ smithfield power bites sausage poppers ham & cheese $4.⁹⁹ smithfield power bites sausage poppers meat lovers smithfield power bites 12 oz save up to $2.01 plain se grocers soft cream cheese 8oz