Hannaford - Valid from 06/19 until 06/25/2022

celebrate dad! grill it up for dad father's day is june 19 stone fruit fiber and antioxidants strawberries take a bite out of these health benefits high in nutrients and antioxidants green seedless grapes • high levels of vitamin c give your immune system a boost • their high vitamin k content is great for bones and teeth juicy - tree ripened good source of fiber red mangoes white flesh nectarines or peaches save per lb mini watermelon nectarines or plums 4.⁹⁹ save hannaford lemons 3⁹⁹ apricots fruit platter or 4 lb fresh cut hannaford fruit burst bowl per lb handcrafted seasoned or bacon cheddar pub style 80% lean ground beef patties 4.⁹⁹ freshest fruits & veggies save save greenhouse grown yellow peppers save angel sweet or wild wonder save per lb tomatoes aabe swere 4.⁹9 hydroponic butter save lettuce cold river gold picnic perfect premium maine potatoes save chile margarita save street corn save health-ade save organic kombucha usda organic plus deposit where applicable taste of inspirations brioche hamburger buns 4.⁹⁹ mango save save save sld river 98 picros perfect premium maine potatoes health-ade kombucha