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CarQuest - The history

General Parts owner O. Temple Sloan, Dan Bock of Bobro Products, and Joe Hughes of Indiana Parts Warehouse formed the CarQuest marketing and distribution network in 1974. In reply to rivalry from high-volume retail stores, Sloan believed "that programmed distribution through a cooperative alliance would be the most effective means to remain in the competition." As at 1994, CarQuest was made up of 14 distributing companies operating 64 CarQuest Auto Parts Stores throughout the United States.

O. Temple Sloan Jr. started General Parts in 1961 and was the most significant member with General Parts owning 1,400 out of CarQuest’s 3,400 auto parts stores across North America by 2011.

In 1984, one of its founding member Bobro was later sold to White Plains Automotives and renamed B.W.P. distributor. In 2012, Advance Auto acquired B.W.P, and Dan Bock was named the president of CarQuest.

CarQuest Auto Parts relaunched its website in June 2012, offering buys online, pick up in store commerce.

Another milestone occurred when Advance Auto Parts acquired warehouse distributor B.W.P. Distributors, which supplied the Northeast in December 2012. Also, an announcement was made on October 16, 2013, CarQuest will be acquired by Advance Auto Parts, Inc in an all-cash transaction estimated at 2.04 billion dollars but was not finalized until on January 3, 2014. CarQuest members now include Automotive Warehouse of Hawaii, Muffler Warehouse of Idaho, Advance Auto Parts, and CAP Warehouse of Nevada.