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Shopko - The history

In 1962, James Ruben started the first Shopco Store in Green Bay. He envisioned a larger retail store with health care services combined with the retail operations. As a result, Shopco became one of the first chains to offer such services as a pharmacy and eye care center within the store. The name was changed to “ShopKo” from the former name “Shopco.” In 2007, the logo was renewed, and the spelling changed to "Shopko" with a lower case "k." Shopko Express stores held the older style logo until fall 2008, when they opened a new store in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Roman Denissen who was the Green Bay Mayor and Shopko Stores led by Chicago pharmacist James Ruben and a group of investors, declared plans for a $1 million department store on Military Avenue In March 1961. In September 1969, the first Shopko store in Michigan was opened in Marquette.

Approximately half a decade after it spun off from Shopko, Pamida joined with Shopko, and all Pamida stores were rebranded as Shopko stores. The total value for the remodel was estimated at $80 million. In 2012, W. Paul Jones resigned from the company's top post, and Mike Bettiga took over as interim CEO. Nearly a year later, Peter McMahon was elected Shopko's new CEO. Due to bankruptcy, Shopko procured 20 ALCO Stores locations in 2015 with the plan of converting them to Hometown locations. Shopko also changed its slogan to "The Stuff that Counts." in 2016, Shopko shut four stores due to low sales but also opened one in Ely, Nevada. In late 2016 and early 2017, Shopko also remodeled its larger stores to include some groceries, but no perishable goods. It also introduced its first credit card in November 2016.